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Co-Founder & CEO

Keren is the the main founder of PaymentsOp and acting CEO. Prior to co-founding PaymentsOp, Keren served as Director of Risk Management, International Ecommerce at Cal where she lead the underwriting & monitoring policy of Cal acquiring services. Between 2009-2011, Keren served as VP Risk Management of DSNR Group, where she managed the relationship of the group with all the Banks & Payment service providers and penetration to new markets. Prior to that, Keren served 8 years at 888 Gaming Group in several senior positions, planning, executing and leading the ePayments & Risk Management Strategy of the group in order to enhance its positioning as a world leader in a fraud-free transactions arena.

Keren has a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Haifa University & an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University.

In her role as CEO of PaymentsOp, Keren and her team manage projects for building risk and payments infrastructure for Banks, Payment Gateways, Internet Merchants and Startups, helping them to increase sales and reduce fraud. Keren also takes part in the Workshops offered by the company, training ecommerce evangelist on best practices for online processing.

In her day-to-day work, Keren implements the company core values to leverage Trust and Transparency between all players in the payment Eco-System.

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