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Paymentsop & Paypal: Workshop on Payment Market Models for Paypal's MENA Strategy Team

On November 13th Paymentsop joined Paypal's offsite meeting for the strategy team, sales acquisition, and the relationship managers .

In the audience were Paypal's business development experts and the MENA regional leadership:

from Israel, leading expansion in Israel, Africa and Eastern Europe,

from Russia, leading expansion in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia,

and from Turkey, leading expansion in the Middle East including United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

These teams provide outstanding service for Paypal's vast merchant base in the MENA region. Paymentsop team was very excited to meet with them and share insights of the latest trends in the payments industry.

Paymentsop presented a dedicated workshop designed specifically for this wonderful team of payment professionals. In the course of the workshop we shared view on the payments market and on characteristic requirements for different business models such as B2B, B2C, Marketplaces, and other complex payment models. We discussed the core behavioral differences between these business models and the optimal payment product solutions aimed to address distinctive pain points addressing such parameters as business size and maturity, geographical region, and industry vertical.

Lastly, Paymentsop presented a partial SWOT analysis that lead to an open discussion on Paypal's service offering, product adaptation in various markets, it's strengths and weaknesses, and of course, the road-map to success.

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