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Paymentsop Participates in the First EWPN Meetup in Israel

On December the 24th, Paymentsop took part in the first EWPN meetup in Israel.

European Women Payments Network (EWPN) provides a platform that inspires, empowers and mentors women in cards, fintech & payments industries to help them realize their full individual potential and position themselves for greater personal success while continuing to learn and contribute to the payments and fin tech industries.

The network has representatives and ambassadors in many Europeans countries as well as in the counties of MENA region.

The first Meetup in Israel was organized by Meirav Harel, the country ambassador for EWPN, and was a huge success.

Many amazing speakers participated in the panel and shared their outlook on fintech industry.

The Israeli meetup offered an opportunity of female payments experts to connect with role models who are leaders in the field; female pioneers and innovators in the payments industry and female leaders who are paving the way to success for women across the financial sector.

The meetup brought the importance of creating a network that provides the opportunity for women working within the industry to share experience and inspire each other while at the same time recognizing the women who have continuously contributed to the industry for years.

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