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Payment is Not Only a Transaction

On 21 of January Paymentsop together with Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Firm, PwC Israel, and Nextage held an educational event "Payment is Not Only a Transaction". The seminar was held at Rise Tel Aviv.

"Payment is Not Only a Transaction" set the focus on the areas closely related to payment processing such as business incorporation, tax due diligence, legal aspect of expansion to the new markets, and peculiarities of complex e-commerce structures.

These topics often left unattended by the early stage startups or smaller merchants that put their full attention into the development of the product. However, these are the aspects of the business setup that can be crucial at every stage of company's life cycle: fundraising, expansion to USA and EU and the emerging markets, acquisition, mergers, and exit.

Below is the video of a panel led by Keren Aviasaf; the participants Avi Noiman, Assaf Naveh, and Itzik Lev answer a series of questions that constantly brought up by Paymentsop's clients throughout the multitude of projects.

The panel is in Hebrew.

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