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EWPN Annual Event 2019

Last Week, on the 4th and the 5th of June Paymentsop's team took part in the third annual European Women in Payments Network event. This is the only Pan- European Conference specifically focused on women working in FinTech & Payments. The conference brings together women from all over Europe for a full day event. The conference will feature interactive panels, deep-dive workshops, and plenary sessions with industry female leaders.

We had a chance to listen and learn from the challenges and success stories from women who are leading the way in FinTech & Payments. There were multiple discussions on latest trends, issues and innovations in the FinTech and payments industry. The speakers delivered presentations on the topics of regulation, compliance, fraud prevention, financial innovation and more. Various panels discussed payment product, consumer behavior, and unique approach to development of FinTech tools for women. There were also many discussions on the subject of encouragement and promotion of women entrepreneurs within the financial sector.

We participated in various workshops related to the fields of research and innovation. We had a great time at the evening award ceremony, where we met many new brilliant women coming from all the areas of the financial world. Especially, it was great to catch up with our colleagues from the Israeli fin tech world.

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EWPN 2019 you were good to us and we are looking forward to the next year!

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