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Paymentsop takes part in the launch of the FinTech Ladies IL Community

On December the 5th the first community in Israel for women in FinTech was launched !

The idea was conceived in June 2019 while we were attending Money 2020 conference. During the conference we met some amazing women from Israeli FinTech- May Michelson, Yael Neeman Ben Ari, and Rahav Shalom Revivo - and came to an understanding that a local Israeli community for women professionals working in the FinTech industry has to be established to allow us meet, mingle, and collaborate and thrive together in our local Israeli ecosystem.

It took us 6 months to make this concept a reality, but finally last night we had the first of many meetups for the FinTech Ladies IL community, with strong talented women, working together, learning, networking, enriching each other! The meetup was a great success and we are currently planning our next event.

If you’re in a female professional in the FinTech field, and interested in joining the community- please join our Facebook group and stay tuned for the upcoming events.

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